Versatility Title Program
Open to dogs owned by PRTAA members
The PRTAA Versatility Title Program recognizes Parsons which have distinguished themselves in multiple areas of competition. These dogs possess the conformation, temperament, intelligence and working capabilities which represent the essential characteristics of the breed. The Versatility Awards are based on a point system which is used to weigh each title based on its difficulty.
These awards are for all AKC Registered Parson Russell Terriers including those with ILP registrations who are owned or co-owned by a member of the PRTAA.  These are ongoing awards; not annual awards and are presented each year during the National Specialty. The cutoff date for titles earned is each year on the deadline date of July 31st.

Owners may apply for this title using the application form available for download at left.   There is a $20 administrative fee for the application.   All applications are to be sent to the PRTAA Chairperson by July 31st of each year.

The revised Versatility Title Program is effective as of July 1, 2016. Prior versatility titleholders are not eligible to reapply for the same level award that they have previously obtained, however they can use their prior titles to obtain a higher level award with at least one title obtained as of July 1, 2016 or later.

There are four PRTAA Versatility Program awards:

VD        Versatility Dog     (Formerly VDA title)
VDA      Versatility Dog Advanced (Formerly VDX title)
VCX       Versatility Dog Excellent (Formerly MV title)
VCH      Versatility Champion
See the Versatility Points Table for detailed title requirements.

For any questions or to submit your application contact:
Connie Presley
Chair, Versatility Committee
PO Box 260
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92078

New events will be added to the Versatility Awards Program as they are approved.

REVISED 3/8/2020

Download Forms:
Versatility Title Applicatiom
Download and complete this .pdf file to apply for PRTAA Versatility Titles.
For assistance contact the Versatility Committee.
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