Suggested Reading
Recommended Reading List

Dan Russel

Jack Russell and His Terriers, J.A. Allen & Co, Ltd., London. 1979

Nicely written by a famous terrierman and field sports writer. Illustrations are dated and dogs shown are 10"-12" hunt terriers. Read for content and historical interest, not for accurate photos.

Jean and Frank Jackson

The Making of the Parson Jack Russell Terrier,
The Boydell Press, Dover, NH 1986.
ISBN# 0-85115-437-9

Parson Jack Russell Terriers. An Owner's Companion,
The Crowood Press, GB 1990.
ISBN# 1-85223-392-3

The Parson & Jack Russell Terriers,
Popular Dogs Publishing Co, Ltd.,London 1991.
ISBN# 0-09-174924-7

The books by the Jacksons are unquestionably the best references available on the breed history. The books are thoroughly researched, and contain important documentation from the Parson himself.

Sheila Atter

Jack Russell Terriers Today,
Ringpress Books Ltd., Gloucestershire, GB 1995.
ISBN# 1-86054-045-7

Comprehensive and up to date discussion of PJR's in Great Britain as well as PJR's and JR's internationally. Extensive photos.

D. Caroline Coile, Ph.d

Jack Russell Terriers,
Barron's Educational Services, Hauppauge, N. Y. 1996.
ISBN# 0-8120-9677-0.

An excellent and inexpensive paperback that thoroughly covers the particulars of successfully owning a JR. Quite good illustrations.

Edited by Mary Strom

The Ultimate Jack Russell Terrier,
Ringpress Books Ltd, Box 8, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 4YN 1999
ISBN# 1-86054-155-0.

Mary has drawn on a panel of contributing breeders and authors knowledgeable in the terrier field to compile a comprehensive book covering all aspects of Jack Russell ownership. A delight to the eye, generously illustrated with beautiful photographs, this book is a must for Jack Russell owners.


Eddie Chapman

The Working Jack Russell Terrier,
Henry King at the Dorset Press, Dorchester, GB 1985.

Absolutely invaluable for the inside story of terrier work, and for historically significant photos of many Jack Russells behind the major bloodlines in the U.S.

D. Brian Plummer

Diary of a Hunter,
4-M Enterprises, Union City, CA 1978. ISBN# 0-85115-009-3

The Working Terrier,
The Boydell Press, Ipswich, GB 1978, ISBN# 0-85115-121 -3

The Complete Jack Russell Terrier,
Howell Book House, NY 1980. ISBN# 0-85115-121 -3

Hunters All, Huddlesford Publications, Gravesend, Kent, GB 1986
. ISBN# 0-907827-03-9

Superbly written with terrier knowledge plus an irreverence typically British. Plummer's character is so unique that he was written up in a 1988 New Yorker Magazine Profile entitled "Ratcatcher". Read, if you can find it, Tales of a Rat Hunting Man. Plummer has now said that his terriers were his own mix, not true JR's, and it is obvious from the photos. Read for terrier stories, and good references to true type Parson Jack Russell breeders.

Michael Shaw

The Modern Working Terrier, Boydell and Brewer Ltd. GB
(Shaw is Plummer's nom de plume).

Patricia Lent

Sport with Terriers, Arner Publications, Rome, NY 1973.  ISBN# 0-914124-01-3

From a principle founding member of the American Working Terrier Association (AWTA). Information about working terriers of different breeds in the US and their quarry.

Jo Ann Frier-Murza

Earthdog Ins & Outs, OTR Publications, Box 481, Centreville, AL 1999.
ISBN# 0-940269-15-5

An indispensable guide for any terrier owner interested in Earthdog competition. Jo Ann takes you step by step through starting a puppy to more advanced work. Also gives history of the sport and of suitable breeds used for this work.


John Valentine

Pet Owner's Guide To Jack Russell Terriers,
Ringpress Books Limited, Gloucestershire, UK 1997.
ISBN# 1-86054-007-4

An ideal book for the new pet owner.

Note: Not all of the above are currently in print. Many must be searched in used book vendors.