Service and Sportsmanship Awards
Service to the PRTAA
The Linda Lee Sweitzer Memorial Award is presented biannually on odd years and the PRTAA Club Service Award on even years. Each year the award is given to the PRTAA Member who has done the most for the workings of the PRTAA.  Candidates may have contributed in the realms of publications, committees, supported entries, AKC events, breed education or any other work that has benefited the club and the membership.

The Board of Directors will choose the recipient from the nominees at the August Board Meeting. Suggestions from the membership will be given to the Board and a deadline will be published to the members. The recipient will not be disclosed prior to presentation of this award at the Annual General Meeting (AGM.)  Current members of the Board and those from the previous year will not be eligible for this award.

Service Award nominations will be due in Summer 2018.
Read  The Parson's Nook for deadline.

Past Recipients
Elizabeth Faber
Holly Lestinsky
Donald Porter
Donna Maloney
Suzanne Tolleson
Kim Baker
Susan Porter
Linda Lee Sweitzer
Cynthia Bliven
Nancy Dougherty
Linda Miller
Howard Dickinson
Maria Sacco
Kalen Dumke
Tricia Stanczyk
Jennifer Johnston
Brenda Koeppel
Teri Paris
Sally Yancey
Joan Scott
Joe Pavlic & Rebecca England
Lorrie Geyer-Limitone &
Randy Limitone
Gary Koeppel
Kathleen Owsley

Outstanding Sportsmanship
The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award is presented in recognition of outstanding sportsmanship.  The AKC will provide each member club with one Outstanding Sportsmanship medallion per year. This annual award may be presented by the club to one member in good standing with the AKC, in recognition of outstanding sportsmanship.

AKC will list winners of this award on its website and in various publications. Nominations for these awards are to be sent to the PRTAA Secretary and will be accepted until the August Board Meeting.

Outstanding Sportsmanship nominations will be due in Summer 2018.
The Parson's Nook for deadline.

Link to Outstanding Sportsmanship honorees at www.AKC.org
Past Recipients
Joan Scott
Pat Reisert
Kathleen Owsley
Carol Cheney
Laurie Delaney
Joe Pavlic
Jennifer Johnston
Nancy Dougherty
Gary & Brenda Koeppel
Lance Nobriga
Patty Burmeister
Jennifer Moxley
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