PRTAA Versatility Awards Program

The PRTAA Versatility Awards Program is to recognize Parsons which have distinguished themselves in multiple areas of competition. These dogs possess the conformation, temperament, intelligence and working capabilities which represent the essential characteristics of the breed. The Versatility Awards are based on a point system which is used to weigh each title based on its difficulty.

These awards are for all AKC Registered Parson Russell Terriers including those with ILP registrations who are owned or co-owned by a member of the PRTAA. These are ongoing awards; not annual awards and are presented each year during the National Specialty. The cutoff date for titles earned is each year on the deadline date of July 30th. All applications are to be received no later than July 30th.rally

The goal of the PRTAA Versatility Programs is as follows:

To present the Parson Russell Terrier in a positive manner to the public.

To provide a bridge between conformation and performance.

To promote an active lifestyle for an active dog.

To honor the versatile nature of the PRT.

To promote genetic health and soundness.

The PRT needs to:

Be trainable and biddable

Be able and willing to work independently away from the handler

Be athletic

Be willing to work underground

General Program Information

Four awards are available: Versatility Dog Award (VDA), Versatility Dog Excellent (VDX) and Master of Versatility (MV) and Versatility Champion (VCH).

These awards are available to Parson Russell Terriers owned by PRTAA members. (Dogs owned by children of a PRTAA member may apply through their member parent)

Those dogs who qualify for Versatility Awards will have their names published in the PRTAA Yearbook and awards will be presented at the National Specialty or mailed to those not present.

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