Breeder Directory

Please understand this list is for your information only. The PRTAA cannot accept responsibility for the actions of individual breeders. While we cannot be responsible for individual breeders, we strongly advise all buyers to have:

  • The breeder's contract prior to giving a deposit or purchasing a terrier.
  • Adequate time to review and discuss the contract terms before signing and accepting the contract.
  • All relevant paperwork as required by AKC.
  • An Agreement that any genetic issues will require a licensed veterinarian to certify the problem in writing.


Please note the asterisk (**) denotes breeders who are CHIC participants.

We would encourage all puppy buyers to review the Puppy Buyers Guide, as it will help potential puppy buyers understand the breed.

Health Testing Statement:

The Public should be made aware that there are several health tests that are recommend for the Parson Russell Terrier. Please be advised that a breeder may state they are testing, but it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify that testing is done. Test results may be submitted to CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) and those results can be located on the CHIC website at Breeders may be testing and choose not to submit results. Buyers should feel free to request copies of test results on the puppy's sire/dam. Regarding the PLL testing buyers should be aware that any dog/bitch that is tested and tests clear is automatically listed as clear in the OFA database. Breeders do have the choice to not have carriers or affected dogs listed. You can follow this link to the OFA database where you can locate results based on the name of the dog/bitch.