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What is the Rescue Network?

Parson Russell Terrier Rescue Network is a dedicated effort to find and re-home Parson Russell Terriers that, through no fault of their own, are in need of new homes. Some of these dogs are recovered from shelters and pounds, others come from private families. The dogs in shelters have often been "dumped" there by individuals or picked up by animal control agencies after being abandoned. Individual families sometimes cannot keep a dog due to a change in circumstances or, too often, because theirs was the wrong type of enviroment for a Parson Russell in the first place. As the Parson Russell grows in popularity and more and more people purchase them without first doing the proper research, the problem of unwanted dogs is growing. The goal of the Parson Russell Terrier Rescue Network is to recover misplaced and unwanted Parson Russell Terriers and place them into proper homes before they must be destroyed.

Rescue Parsons come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. They are carefully evaluated when they come into rescue for physical and mental problems. Their health is seen to and behavioral problems are accessed and addressed. We then begin the task of locating a proper home where the dog can be himself and be happy.

Contact Rescue

If you think you might be right for a Parson Russell but don't want to start with a puppy, please consider opening your heart and home to a Rescue Russell. To find out more about rescue in your area, get an adoption application form or to see about volunteering as a Foster Home for dogs in need, please contact the Rescue Representative nearest you.


Susan Porter
135 Honey Hill
East Haddam, CT 06423
(860) 526-3919
Best to call 2 PM to 8 PM
Joan Scott
Childs, MD 21916
Cell (302) 521-5986
Kennel (410) 392-4005
Julie Felten
Wauconda, IL 60084
Debra Anibal
Aguanga, CA
Kim Baker
N. Hatfield, MA 01066
  Joe Pavlic
Eau Claire, WI
(414) 581-9091

Mindy King
Bailey, CO
    Kalen and Karen Dumke
Redgranite, WI
9920) 566-4023

Kathleen Owsley
Ventura, CA
    Carol Cheney
Angora, MN 55703
(218) 254-2984
Tricia Stanzcyk
Garland, NE 68360


1. Fee - The adoption fee is $200.00 which covers the Rescue expenses. The Rescue dog will have been examined by a veterinarian, received a Heartworm test and necessary inoculations, had a stool check and been wormed, if necessary and neutered/spayed. The fee also includes a one-year newsletter membership (or one-year membership renewal) to the PRTAA. When you adopt a dog, he/she will come with crate, bowls, collar, leash, all shots and either spade/neutered, and tattooed or micro chipped. The PRTAA will be hold the tattoo or micro chips in the PRTAA club's name and the adopter will be the second contact.

2. AKC Papers - If AKC registration papers are available, they will be provided to the adopter.

3. Return Policy - If for any reason, the adoption is not found to be satisfactory for the dog or the adopters, the dog must be returned to the PRTAA Rescue. The Rescue reserves the right to take back any rescue dog that is being neglected or otherwise not being properly cared for. The PRTAA Rescue required that the adopter have the dog examined by the adopter's veterinarian within forty-eight (48) hours of adoption. This is not only to assure the health of the dog, but to establish a repore between veterinarian and adopter. If the veterinarian discovers a health problem, The adopter has the option of returning the dog immediately fur a full return of keeping the dog and treating it at the adopter's expense.

4. License - The Rescue dog must be licensed in the city or town in which it will reside. Proof of a valid license for the dog must be presented at the time of adoption. Proof of rabies vaccination will be provided to the adopter prior to adoption.

5. Care - The adapting family agrees to provide adequate shelter, (the rescue is not to live out side but to be a house hold pet) food, a fenced in yard. All necessary medical care and further agree that their rescue dog will not be allowed to run free without direction and proper supervision.

6. Renters - For those who rent or live in a condo or otherwise restricted living establishment, proof from the landlord, or governing authority, must be provided in writing, granting permission to have a dog on the premises. Landlord's name, address and phone number must be on the proof. *Rescue Network reserves the right to waiver this requirement on an as need basis determined by renters' restricted living arrangements.

7. Follow Up - The adopter agrees that follow-up visits may be arranged at any time during the dog's lifetime.

8. Training - The adopter is encouraged to attend a basic obedience class within the first six months of adoption. A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) adoption fee refunded will be given upon proof of completion. Proof will consist of a copy of either a completion certificate, including the instructor's address and phone number stating that your dog has attended and completed training class.

9. Notification - The adopter agrees to notify the PRTAA of any changes of address. The adopter also agrees to notify the club in the event of the dog's death.

10. Yearly Updates - The adopter agrees to send a yearly update to the PRTAA and a recent photo of their terrier, every Christmas.

Revised December 2003