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Breeders Directory

Chairman: Bonnie Edison
Member: Jennifer Johnston


Chairman: Kalen Dumke

Breeder Education Subcommittee
Members: Kim Baker, Linda Edwards

Judge's Education Subcommittee
Member: Mary Strom Bernard

Health and Genetics

To All PRTAA Members & Our Extended Family of Non-members

The PRTAA is pleased to announce that we have joined the Canine Health Information Center aka CHIC.

This is a centralized canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (CHF) and The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). In time, it will provide a reliable source of information regarding dogs in our breeding programs. Also provide an opportunity to analyze pedigrees of proposed breeding from a health/genetic viewpoint in addition to traditional methods of selection.

CHIC is our answer to no upfront investment for a major health database. This allows parent clubs, with limited resources, to focus on identifying health concerns in addition to providing education.

CHIC offers us a tool to monitor disease prevalence and measure progress.

All dogs that are to be included in this program must be permanently identified in the form of a microchip or tattoo.

This is an informed consent database. All information regarding test results remain confidential unless the owner authorizes a release into the public domain. For those of you not quite ready to accept open sharing of information, there IS value in submitting the results.
Test results from the OFA / CERF databases are shared automatically with CHIC. So there is no additional fee to enter test results. All test information entered is available for research & statistical reported purposes, but does not disclose the individual dogs.

Once you have submitted the Parent club specific requirement of tests and when the owner has opted to release the results into public domain, you will receive a CHIC number for that dog. The CHIC number itself will not imply normal test results. It means that all of the breed specific tests were performed and results are publicly available.

CHIC will provide our Parent club quarterly reports consisting of both aggregate numbers and specific dogs that have been issued CHIC numbers.

The CHIC website is located at Please feel free to browse

Your Health & Genetics Committee:

Chairman: Kathleen Owsley
Member: Teri Paris


Chairman: Beth Snedegar

MCKC Specialty

Chairman: Nancy Dougherty

2013 National Specialty

Chairman: Lance Nobriga
Members: Kathleen Owsley, Debra Anibal, Mindy King, Tricia Stanczyk, Joe Pavlic, Jay Caulk, Peggy Crane


Members: Brenda Koeppel, Rita Ford

Chairman: Brenda Koeppel
Member: Debra Anibal

Tricia Stanczyk, Mindy King, Jennifer Johnston, Brenda Koeppel, Joe Pavlic, Lance Nobriga

ROM & Versatility

Co-Chairman: Sally Yancey and Janie Smith
Members: Peggy Crane, Liz Carter


Co-Chairman: Waylon Ramming
Members: Linda Edwards, Cathy Dahlberg, Denise Tschida